Friday, March 25, 2005

Idea for a lesson

I'm thinking I could show parts of Fantasia, the ones that have music and somewhat of a storyline that fits the music, ie. The Sorceror's Apprentice. Then using a midi file have the students listen to a piece of music and write a story that fits it. I would start the story, then give the students several different short pieces to choose from. Each student or group would add a new section to the story based on which piece they listened to. They would have to read their classmate's section so that their's will make sense. Each class would have their own class short story.

Reading Assignments

Well, I accidentally posted my reading assingment blogs to the wrong blog. Luckily, I can delete them! So now I 'm going to try to remember what I wrote. I know it wasn't much. I was very distracted and often interrupted by my 5 month old who's had a cold for the last 2 weeks. I was in the middle of a blog yesterday when we had to take her to the doctor...she said it was early conjunctivitis, but I don't know because she woke up this morning with her eyes looking pretty good.

Anyways, I thought the first reading was very good for people, like myself, who don't know a thing about blogs. He made sure to show us the pros and cons, using real life examples. In the second article, I could relate to the part where he was talking about barriers such as a lack of language for learning and learning myths. My students have a lot of external things hindering them from learning on top of their own personal learning myths and lack of language skills. I agree that personal weblogging will break the students free of those things holding them back from learning. And in the third article, it's really great when students can take over a class and learn from and teach each other as it seemed they did in Ganley's classroom. I read through the steps that her class took together and kept trying to think of ways to make blogging work in mine. One of the problems is that I have over 300 students and the thought of having to read and edit all those blogs doesn't sound appealing to me. I hope to one day be able to narrow it down to a class period or two. I think the 7th and 8th graders could really get something out of it if they could get past trying to impress each other (unfortunately most of my classes are compiled of 7th and 8th grade together).

Sorry my comments on the articles are so short. I don't have much daughter's sick, my husband's fighting a cold, and I'm fighting a cold. See you tomorrow.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

First Blog

This is my first blog. Yeah!

Here's a litte about me.....

I teach 6th-8th grade music in the ghetto. One day I hope to use this whole blogging thing to combine music and literacy. Unfortunately, most of the kids I have can't write their way out of a paper bag, let alone type their thoughts. Sad.
I also sing and play piano at the church I go to. All are invited to attend the Easter service at 10:30am in Cox Arena on Easter Sunday.
These days I've added 13 units to my day. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!!!!! I'm bitter about having to take classes to clear my teaching credential.

My time, the little I have left, is also shared with my husband and 5 month old daughter.